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Application Requirements

Applying to our company is simple. Please ensure you meet our requirements before starting the application process.

Must be 16+

24 Hours + Played

Speak English

Write English

Legal Copies of Game

No Bans Within Last Month

Respect Community

No Drama

Company Requirements

Once you're hired, we have a few requirements for you. We don't expect much, but we appreciate active participation in our community.

1000 Miles / Month

1610 Kilometers / Month

Use In-Game Tag

Hogz Plate in Window

You can also attend two Wild Hogz Trucking events each month if you prefer not to drive the 1000 miles. This is aimed at increasing participation from our members at our official events.


How To Apply

To begin the process of becoming a driver with Wild Hogz Trucking, please follow these steps:

Join Discord

Click Apply Now

Wait for Recruiter

Go to our TruckersMP

Fill Out Application

Have an Interview

Please allow our team up to 48 hours to contact you, as we may be busy with other applications. Good luck with the rest of your application process!

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